What happened to our water?

As an agricultural professional, I live and work on the lands of Bajo Ter and el Daró (in the province of Gerona). I believe, like most of my fellow citizens, I am highly concerned because of the media’s use of the most indispensable good of nature: water.

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Nursery Technology Applied to the Field

The revolution of the technification of agricultural production is an increasingly palpable fact, and many companies based on precision agriculture technologies are emerging and consolidating in the sector.

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The creation of deltas from glaciers.

When thinking of delta, what comes to mind is the image of a set of sediments deposited at the mouth of a river. Curiously, the southernmost part of Catalonia is formed by one of them, namely the Ebro Delta, where the mouth of the Ebro River is located.

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More rice with less water

Growing rice with less water using between 30 and 50% less seeds on planting is already possible without the production being affected. IRTA of Mas Badia for three years now, has experienced saving methods in private fields with very good results.

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The water balance in soils with passion fruit cultivation under the El Niño phenomenon.

Francisco Fonseca, Víctor
Falguera, Joan Lordan, Josep
Papió y Víctor Montilla
AKIS International

The interannual climatic variability has been steadily increasing in recent years in Colombia, resulting in an increase in the economic and social vulnerability of small and medium-sized farmers, especially due to the lack of resources and specific measures and actions to reduce the negative effects; As well as to the difficult adaptation of the crops to the anticipated climatic changes.

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Biochar as Soil Amendment.

Noemí Mateo Marín
Soils and Irrigation Unit (associated to EEAD-CSIC)
Centre for Research and Agro-Food Technology in Aragon


Biochar is the product of thermal degradation of organic materials in the absence of oxygen (pyrolysis). This pyrogenic product has properties that make it an organic amendment suitable for improving the physical and chemical fertility of soil. The use of biochar dates back to 500-1500 a.C.,When the Brazilian aborigines of the Amazon incorporated it into soil, and it became the so-called Black Lands of the Indian.

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Plague or Consequence

Despite the recent changes in weather in the Peninsula, (storms, snow, ice, etc.) during the past few weeks, the average temperature has increased. In the media, the concepts of “climate change” or “global warming” appear increasingly, but why are we becoming more and more aware of this?

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Things to consider for new vineyards

Vines are crops that grow extensively throughout Spain, they are traditional and dry-land crops. The characteristics and productivity of growing grape vines have varied greatly over the past twenty years, from the importance differing from quantity to quality. More recently, with the increased interest and tourism in Spanish wines, vine plantation has become a focus.

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